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You Don’t Need to Do EVERYTHING As the Business Owner! [Entrepreneurship Blog]

Start saying "no" more. Work with freelancers. Put your prices up...

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You Don’t Need to Do EVERYTHING As the Business Owner - Time Management - Goal Setting - Priorites - Productivity - Entrepreneurial Mindset - New Business - Startup - Kallum with a K Brain Fart Blo

Today’s Kallum with a K Blog: You don’t need to do everything yourself as the business owner!

One solution is to hire staff and grow your team. However, this is not for everyone and employing people is a huge commitment, both financially and emotionally.

I feel you should only hire when you're at "bursting point" - you have so much work you can't keep up on your own.

Before you reach that stage, there are other things you can do. Instead of feeling constantly stressed and overwhelmed by everything you need to do as a business owner, try these things instead:

Start saying “no” more - way more! If something doesn’t move you towards your goals, it is a distraction that you need to decline. You can only do so much and you'll eventually get over the feelings of guilt or "letting others down!".

Be selective who you meet and where: do you really need to meet this person physically or can this conversation take place over the phone? I covered this in a blog previously.

Use freelancers to help you with: marketing, finance and specific tasks - e.g. chasing unpaid invoices. Check out, - or the other 102 website that help you find freelancers!

Work with a book-keeper: to save you time dealing with your accounts. As the business owner, you should always have an up-to-date understanding of where your business is financially and what's happening in the future, however, it doesn't necessarily need to be you chasing up invoices or entering expenses in your accounting software!

Work in batches: group meetings together, rather than being out of the office for a single meeting every day; and produce content or respond to emails in set time slots.

Put your prices up: this gets rid of the bad customers that are sucking your time and energy! And it will also enable you to hire a book-keeper or free-lancer for your business. I explored the importance of valuing yourself in this blog.

Set deadlines: otherwise you’ll put off doing tasks indefinitely! Or they will just drag out, hanging around you like a bad smell sapping your energy. Remember Parkinson’s Law (he must’ve been clever since he has a Law named after him!): "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion".

Invest time outside of work: as the famous saying goes, “If you work all the time, you’ll become a miserable bastard!” (or something like that!). Again, I covered this in a previous blog, you have to make time for yourself outside of your work - if you’re healthy, there’s more chance that your business will be too!

Do you have anything to add to this list?

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