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Why Do People Go to Costa?

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Does your business have a system that consistently delivers?

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Today's Brain Fart: Some really like the taste of the coffee*. For others, it’s their local. And then there are those who just love the brand itself.

There will also be a group of customers that just go to Costa for one reason: consistency.

A Costa coffee in Dundee, should taste the same as one in Newcastle. They have perfected a system that works, regardless of location.

This seems simple (because it is!) however, there are 2-sides to this. For the customer, any perceived doubt or risks associated with purchasing a coffee are almost nullified because of a trusted brand with a consistent system.

And for the business, there should be order. A methodical way of doing things. Therefore, effort can be spent of improving the system, creating an even better customer experience, rather than fire-fighting. 

Now, there are some variables that can affect how well this system works: the staff implementing the system, the various component parts of the system, and the environment where the system is based.

Overall though, the system works well in most circumstances. There are rules to follow. A blueprint that ensures the perfect coffee every time - and a plan B if things don’t go quite right.

It’s not perfect, however, it’s very close to it. Perhaps we don’t have the resources to create as big a system or brand as Costa, however, we can take lessons from them.

A book that covers these concepts in more detail, and is a must-read for all new business owners, is the E-Myth Revisted by Michael E. Gerber.

Does your business work as well as Costa? Whether big or small, does it have a system that ensures consistency? And do you have a back-up plan for when things don’t quite go right?...

Kallum with a K

*I’m not a huge fan of their coffee and personally prefer to support local businesses, where possible. I boldly play “coffee roulette” with local coffee shops wherever I go. Like all games, sometimes I win and sometimes I lose!

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