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Why Am I Writing A Blog Every Single Weekday?...Seth Godin Inspired Me! [Marketing Blog]

Improve my writing skills and confidence. Become a thought leader. Share some value with the world!

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Why Am I Writing A Daily Micro-blog - Kallum with a K Brain Fart - Entrepreneur - Startup - New Business - Marketing - Personal Branding and Thought Leadership

Today’s Kallum with a K Blog: why exactly am I writing a micro-blog every single weekday?

It’s a question I’ve had a lot since I committed to doing this on Monday 25th February this year.

We’re now in week #9 and I’ve written one of these micro-blogs on marketing, entrepreneurship and other things every single day (except 4 because no-one’s perfect!).

This all started from an Akimbo podcast by Seth Godin I listened to called, “No Such Thing (As Writer’s Block)”. In it, Seth (one of my business heroes!) share his experience of writing every day - you get used to it and it no longer becomes this scary or daunting thing. And you also get better at it.

It’s like a comedian, the bigger names tend to try out new material in smaller gigs, often unannounced and under a pseudonym. Most of this material is then discarded

and you’re left with the red-hot stuff that the wider audience sees.

I may turn them into other content or “re-purpose” them, e.g. as an ebook one day. I also know that some of these blogs are pretty damn good, whereas others are….well...not so much! And I’m ok with that.

Seth planted this seed and I decided to take action the next day. I wanted to do this because:

1. I want to get better at writing and improve my confidence. I actually achieved a “C” in English at High School, however, I know my writing is better than that! (Then again, I can’t even spell my name right!)

2. I want to position myself as a thought leader in the entrepreneurship space and increase awareness of my personal brand - I wrote about this in a previous blog.

3. I know I can offer some value to the world and I wanted to share it. Since 2013, our company, Acorn Enterprise, has worked with more than 100 startups through our 20-week Business Accelerator Programmes. I have so many stories, contacts and experiences I wanted to share with the wider business community.

It’s interesting because a few other things have happened since I’ve been writing this daily micro-blog.

Firstly, my brain is actively looking for things to blog about. This is not in a restless, uncomfortable sort of way, more in a being present and appreciating things way. In other words, being attuned to the rich daily sources of inspiration that life provides (although my girlfriend, Sarah, knows she needs to be careful around me in case I use one of her antics as a blog post - consider ye warned! haha)

Customers, both in the Business Incubators we manage and business owners who I privately mentor, have recently commented that my communication is better. At first, I was a bit taken aback, as I always thought I was a good communicator! However, after drilling down on what they really meant, they said my emails and other messages a more concise and to the point, which they appreciated. They’re busy people so don’t want to hear me waffle - point taken and with gratitude!

Finally, it’s a fantastic creative outlet for me. Writing every day has given me a platform to express myself. I like to write first thing in the morning and find this is the best time for me, it’s when I’m at my most creative (and can rock out words like “de facto” as I did yesterday - still have no idea where that one came from!).

So that’s why I’m writing one of these micro-blogs every day. And whilst there are more than 4 million new blog posts every day on the Internet, I know that none are quite like my daily blogs!

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