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Which Garage Do You Want to Own? [Entrepreneurship Blog]

This has nothing to do with garages, and everything to do with: pricing, expectations and fulfilment.

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Today's Brain Fart: There are two garage owners. One is over-worked and underpaid - a busy idiot. The other is energised and feels like they are getting fair pay for fair work - has a good life balance.

Which of these garages do you want to own?

This has nothing to do with garages, and everything to do with: pricing, expectations and fulfilment.

In fact, it's all to do with your self-confidence and self-worth as a business owner!

Let's assume the first owner is the cheapest in the market and repairs cars for £20. They're going to service the dirtiest cars that need the most work. The car owners want to pay as little as possible for this. And they're going to be unrealistically demanding. A real pain in the ass!

This will eat into your margin on each job and also limits the overall time you have to fix cars.

On the other hand, you could be fixing cars at £200 each. We're going to assume that this is the top end of the market.

These car owners will generally come to you with much cleaner cars, and you will enjoy working with them more. You look forward to seeing them again (however, they can be assholes too cos that's life!). Overall, they energise you!

You are going to be much more relaxed, and be less frantic. You don't need to fix as many cars to make money compared with our other friend.

In fact, for every ONE cars you fix, the cheaper garage owner

has to fix TEN cars to make the same amount of money!

Perhaps £200 is a bit too much and you don't want to be the most expensive in the market. That's ok too, maybe £140 is a figure you're happy with...

It's your business and you make these decisions. You can change at any time.

So which garage would you like to own? What are you really worth? What sort of life do you want to have?...

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