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What's Your Process for That?

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If you don’t have a process for everything in your business you could be in trouble. Sooner or later this will catch you out!

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Today’s Kallum with a K Blog: how good are the processes in your business?

What’s your process for handling complaints?

What’s your process for making sales?

What’s your process for delegating work to your team?

What’s your process for ensuring a consistent customer experience?

What’s your process for managing your cash flow?

If you don’t have a process for everything in your business you could be in trouble.

Sooner or later this will catch you out!

As you grow, employ more team members and expand your offerings this challenge only gets worse.

Better to be pro-active and have a plan, than reactive and get the wind knocked out of you!

Processes should enhance the customer experience. They should also help your business grow - ensuring the mundane and operational tasks are done, freeing up staff time to focus on more creative activities, like growth. I spoke about business processes in a blog previously, using Costa Coffee as an example.

Processes should not cause a business to make bad decisions that negatively affects their customers. “It’s against our policy!” should always be challenged internally by your team, and their feedback should be actively encouraged here.

Growing businesses need more and more processes, and they should have them, however, I’m really against processes and policies just for the sake of it - or bad ones!

The book, the E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber (first published in 1986) explores this concept well, and I highly recommend it for all small business owners - this Forbes article talks more about the book and argues that its teachings are just a relevant today.

A final note of caution: processes are only as effective as the people who design them and implement them. Bad processes will deliver bad outcomes. And bad team members, those who can’t be bothered following the process, or who does so badly, will also give a bad outcome (I just used the word "bad" five times in two sentences, is that even allowed?!...Meh!).

  • Choose your processes carefully - ensure they really do add value. 
  • Design them with everyone in mind - those on the delivery side and customers. 
  • rain staff properly - ensure they understand why the process is the way it is, how to use them properly, and ensure a culture where staff can speak openly about processes which aren’t helping the business move forward. 

Does your business have processes?

How do you monitor them?

Do your processes really serve your business or hinder it?

Kallum with a K

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