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What Do You Do When

Someone Ignores Your Email?

Ignore it and move on, send a follow-up email,

or do you try another method of getting in touch?

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Today’s Brain Fart: How often do you send someone a business email and they don’t reply?

And what do you do about this? Ignore it and move on, send a follow-up email, or do you try another method of getting in touch?

A tweet, a phone call (gasp!) or even rocking up to the person’s office?

One of the best (and worst things!) about this hyper-connected world is that there are now

so many different ways to communicate. It’s almost overwhelming!

What works best for you, may not work for others. Maybe your customers don’t want to fill in a contact form on your website, maybe they’d rather meet you or your team face-to-face.

Waiting a week for someone to reply to your pressing question is frustrating!

I sometimes find it too much: emails, voicemails, tweets, facebook private messages, comments, likes, loves, shares, WhatsApp messages, text messages, Instagram direct messages and letters (eh?!)...

Sometimes, if you really need an answer it’s best to phone them. It’s quite amazing how much can be covered in a 10-minute phone call - much better than anxiously waiting 2 or 3 days for an email reply!

So what do you do when someone ignores your email?...Maybe you caught them on a bad day. Maybe they’ve got an important deadline that week. Or maybe they’ve simply forgotten to reply (because they’re human and this happens!).

Next time someone ignores you, the onus is on YOU to follow up and gently remind them. However, if you're spamming them or selling them something they don't need, then you deserve to be ignored!

Instead of going in a huff about it (“I sent them an email and they just ignored me!”), try a gentle nudge. And if it’s really that important, try calling them instead!...

I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this one? (However, they may also be ignored! Haha!)...What’s your process for following up on “ignored” emails?

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