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Think Like Andrew and Pete!

(Atomicon) - [Marketing Blog]

When it comes to goal setting, are you thinking big? Like, REALLY BIG?!

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Today's Brain Fart: Last week, I attended one of the best,, “experiences” I’ve ever been to! There were Cha-Cha dancers, a balloon race and an uncountable (new word!) number of knowledge bombs dropped throughout the day!

Atomicon was held in Newcastle and was organised and hosted by Andrew and Pete. These two guys are educational, entertaining and all-round great people!

They also do something we should all do a bit more: think bigger! A LOT BIGGER!!!


Andrew and Pete shared the journey of how they ended up organising Atomicon. They said something that I think we can resonate with: they were a wee bit scared about hosting the conference because they didn’t think many people would turn up.

In fact, their original Big Scary Audacious Goal was to have: 80 attendees...In the end, myself over 300 delegates attended this conference!!!

Now, putting aside the fact that the event was non-stop hilarity and education. And also looking past the useful connections that were made. You can read a great blog about “What I Learned at Atomicon 2019”, by Nick Turner, on LinkedIn here.

There was something at this experience that really struck me. Next year, they’re thinking much bigger! So big, that they’ve booked out the Sage in Newcastle for Atomicon 2020! To put that into context for you, there will be 1,600 seats!!!

What we think is initially a big scary goal really isn’t. And sometimes you only realise that when you speak others, perhaps those that are a few steps ahead of you in the journey. In other situations, you realise that your initial goal wasn’t that ambitious because you smash it easily and should set your sights higher next time.

So next time you set a goal, think like Andrew and Pete!

What goals do you have? Are they really stretching you? I mean REALLY stretching you (do you shit yourself when you think about it!)? And have you sense checked them with others, who can push you even further?....

Kallum with a K

P.S. Are you going to Atomicon 2020? You can find out more about this even awesome-er experience here!

There is also a flash sale on, where you can grab your early-bird ticket now for only £129 + VAT (normally £649 + VAT!) which runs out this Friday 15th March! Buy your ticket for Atomicon 2020 here now!

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