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The Joy of Making Your Own Pizza!

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Learn to love the process!

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The Joy of Making Your Own Pizza! Learn to love the process - Business Process - Meditation - Mental Health -New Business - Startup - Kallum with a K Brain Fart Blog - Entrepreneur

Today’s Kallum with a K blog: I had homemade pizza for dinner last night. I made from scratch. The base, tomato the sauce and prepared all of the toppings. (I like to cook - get over it!)

I could have easily gone to the shops for a pizza, ate one in a restaurant or ordered a takeaway - and there’s nothing wrong any of those options. However, last night I just wanted to make my own.

There’s something therapeutic for me about making dinner (or making any food actually). It’s almost spiritual!

It’s a great way to relax and unwind after a long day at work. Completely switch off from everything,

even just for a few minutes, and concentrate complete on the task at hand.

And what’s really great about making your own pizza dough is that kneading it is a great stress release!

The smell of the onions and garlic frying, when I was making the sauce. Cutting up the goat’s cheese (cos I’m well posh!). And arranging the toppings on the pizza. Oh man, I feel like I’m in one of those sexy Marks & Spencer food adverts from back in the day! "This is not just food..." - you know the ones I mean!

The point I’m trying to make is this: whilst it’s easy to go and buy a pizza, for me, it was way more enjoyable to make my own. I love the creativity of deciding what’s going on it and also putting it all together, the preparation.

In other words, love the process.

And the same is true in business. There are always short cuts we could take, or many different ways to get to the same outcomes. There’s also the creativity aspects of deciding exactly what we do an when - except fixed things like taxes and client deadlines!


However, when you learnt to love the process, the journey we're all on, it becomes much more enjoyable! There will be things you don't like which you can outsource and ask someone else on the team to do, who is much more suitable than you, however, there will always be tasks you just don't like doing.


Try changing your mindset. Learn to love the process.

Today I basically just wanted to show off my cooking skills in a blog and tenuously link it to running a business...success!

I joke!

In all seriousness, as business owners we decide where we get our pizza, what goes on it and how we make it. As soon as you learn to love the process, you’ll enjoy running your own business more.

Every pizza I make is better than the last, due to my confidence, skills and experience growing. And the same can be said for every day in business.

Happy pizza and business-ing!

Kallum with a K

P.S. yes, that really is the pizza I made last night! You're welcome.

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