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"The Gift of Time"

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Next time someone cancels on you, be grateful because they’ve just given you a special gift: “the gift of time!”

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Today’s Brain Fart: Don’t you hate it when a friend or family member bails on you? Or a business connection cancels a meeting you’ve had in the diary for a while?...

This is particularly annoying when it’s a potential customer, who you have been flirting with for a while.

You finally get them to agree to a meeting, after months of to-ing and fro-ing only for them to cancel the meeting on the day - maybe even the hour before!

“Sorry, something unexpected has come up!”... Don’t be annoyed, upset or angry.

They’ve just given you a special gift - “the gift of time!”

This is something my business partner, Jerry, taught me (and he is a very smart guy!). This is a much better way to frame this situation. And it instantly flips it from a negative to a positive.

A meeting would be great, especially if your prospective client is finally going to sign off on working together. However, sometimes things do crop up and life just gets in the way.

Instead of having to travel to and from the meeting, spend time there and digest things afterwards, and possibly even do some follow-up work, be thankful for the gift they have just given you by cancelling.

This is even more crucial if you’re taking a member of your team with you. If a one-hour meeting is cancelled, it has really given you back two hours of time - your time and your team member’s.

People constantly say that are "busy" and wish they had more time. I covered this in a previous Brain Fart, which you can read here. Well, this is one way to gain more time!

However, the only way to be truly thankful for the gift of time is to use it well. You’ve just been given an extra two hours in your day, for instance, to add value, to make a difference and to make more money - don’t blow it!

Next time someone cancels on you, be grateful and use this gift of time well!

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