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Debunked: The "3-Click" Rule

("2-tap" rule) - ​ [Entrepreneur Blog]

It's repeated so often that people believe it. However, it's a myth!

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Today's Brain Fart: Do you know about the “3-click” rule?

It’s Bullshit! It’s a complete myth.

Because this is repeated so often, people believe it. And because few people challenge concepts like this, it becomes “fact”.

The “3-click” rule claims that a user will leave your website if they can find the information they are looking for in “3-clicks” or “2-taps” (on mobile).

However, there is a body of evidence which suggests the "3-click" rule is false, which you can find in this article.

“Fewer clicks don’t make users happier and aren’t necessarily perceived as faster. What really counts here is ease of navigation, the constant scent of information along the user’s path”.

Full disclosure here, I have been guilty in the past of preaching about the "3-click" rule and, therefore, furthering this myth. However, a quick bit of research on Google helped me discover the truth.

Not to mess with your brain too much: how many of these kinds of myths do you believe to be true? When was the last time you challenged a new bit of information you were given?

Is it worth Googling “rules” like this that you believe to validate them? (Hopefully it won’t take you more than 3-clicks or 2-taps to do!)...

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