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Speak to 5 Different Dentists...

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If you don't like what an expert or business advisor recommends,

you can speak to another.

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Today's Brain Fart: If you don't like what your dentist recommends for you, you can seek advice from another. And if you don't like what they suggest, you can ask a third.

The same is true in business. If you don't like what an expert or advisor recommends, you can speak to another.

Not everything is black and white, some things are all shades of grey (50 some will lead you to believe!).

Tooth be told, all of us are prone to making mistakes, professionals are no exception.

If 5 Dentists advise that you need root canal treatment, then it's probably true. However, if only 2 recommend this, and the other 3 suggest another approach, then it's not as clear cut is it?

The next time you seek counsel for your business, make sure you speak to at least 2 different dentists*, before making a decision.

This may be costly than just speaking to 1, however, it's a worthwhile investment to allow you to consider things from different perspectives. To enable you to hear balanced advice and then use this to make your own mind up.

So next time you have an important business decision to take, make sure you speak to more than one dentist!*

Kallum with a K

*Not actual dentists though!

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