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Sometimes You Just Need to Let it Brew!... [Entrepreneurship Blog]

Sometime it’s better to let things happen themselves, rather than forcing it, because the end product is much more satisfying.

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I reckon my friend Steven has the WORST superpower imaginable...drum roll…

Without fail, he can tell if a cup of tea has been left to brew naturally or has been forced!

Not the ability to fly, x-ray vision, or telepathy - the ability to tell if a cuppa is distressed! (Stay with me on this one!).

There is something to be said in business for being bullish, hurrying things along and being proactive. You read it in most of the articles about Entrepreneurship. There are definitely circumstances where this is more important, e.g., when someone owes you money.

Hustle! Grind! Never stop!

However, the results can be imperfect. The taste can be off, just like a forced cup of tea (or a forced blog, haha!).

If you’re too pushy, you will lose sales. If you’re too aggressive with your suppliers, they may go bust.

If you send too many email updates to people, they will unsubscribe!

Sometime it’s better to let the natural process occur. Wait for it to happen by itself, because the end product is much more satisfying.

Sleep on an important decision. Allow logic to dictate how you respond to something, rather than a hasty emotional response. Instead of forcing your next piece of content, let it brew naturally (a lot of mine occur to me when I’m in the shower!).

Of course, you can’t sit back and wait on everything! You can’t wait for the phone to ring. You need to take some action.

Remember though, whilst it can be agonising and frustrating sitting waiting on the cup of tea to brew properly, it will taste much better if you do.

Then again, if you’re only drinking the tea for a caffeine boost, and aren’t really arsed about how it tastes, it may be ok to force the brewing process and gulp it down! I guess it really depends on what the tea is for...

What things are you forcing, that may be better left to brew on their own?

How can you focus on adding value, rather than adding to the existing noise?

And just for fun, if you could have any bad superpower, what would it be?! Leave your suggestion in the comments below!

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