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Roger? Roger! Why I Reconfirm

All Meetings In Advance

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Life gets in the way and meetings are no exception to this!

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Today’s Kallum with a K Blog: this is a simple yet often overlooked point today - reconfirm all of your meetings in advance.

I’m not even sure if “reconfirm” is a real word! However, for the benefit of this microblog, it’s perfect!

I’d hate to think about all of the time lost around the world each day in meetings that are cancelled or worse - where people got their wires crossed and had different meeting times in their diaries!

Assuming you absolutely have to meet someone face-to-face for a meeting, which I covered in a previous blog here, this simple action practiced every time will minimise the amount of time you waste on meetings that don’t happen!

I’ve said it before, life gets in the way. And meetings are no exception to this!

  • One party may have entered the wrong details in their diary: date, time or location. 
  • One of you may have forgotten about the meeting - or not even put it in your diary at all! 
  • Something urgent in your business or personal life may have just come up - one of you could be ill. 

That’s why it’s absolutely vital to reconfirm (confirm again!) the meeting details with the other person or people.

I’m ok with perceived as being overly keen here when it comes to this - it’s much better than the alternative, which could be a massive dent in your productivity and time you will never get back!

However, not all “non-meetings” are a complete waste of time and I spoke about this in a previous blog.

In short, the day before you’re due to meet with someone, reconfirm the details - venue, date and time.

Even better if you also do this when you first schedule the meeting and then again a week before, and then reconfirm the day before. (Roger? Roger!)

Yup, I confirm, reconfirm and then re-reconfirm before every face-to-face meeting I have - time is too important to waste on getting this wrong!

Kallum with a K

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