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Personal Branding: "Kallum with a K" [Marketing Blog]

It's different, memorable and people always remember it!

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Since University, I've always introduced myself as "Kallum with a K".

It's different, memorable and usually makes people laugh! One thing is for sure, people always remember it.

This was handy at Uni and in the business world. There are lots of "Callum's " in the world, however, not many "with a K" (although there definitely seems to be more in recent years!).

I take my personal brand very seriously. At conferences, on social media and in person, it's always "Kallum with a K". And every email, text or direct message is signed wit the shorter "K".

I was at conference in Dundee last week. Two people deliberately came up to me during the breaks because they had seen my name on the delegates list:

First name? Kallum

Surname? With a K!

They through I'd be "fun" to speak to (which I am, of course!). And having done some research on our company, Acorn Enterprise, they were both very interested to learn more about the important work we are doing to grow the UK's entrepreneurial culture.

How many events do you go to in a year? How many new people do you meet?

And how many do you remember?!

I've also had consistent feedback from people that they remember "Kallum with a K". This has helped our company to have interesting conversations with interesting people. And it's also led to sales, sometimes several years later!

I'm not suggesting you stick a K in front of your name, that would be silly and also infringe on my brand (Ksarah and Kdavid!). However, it is worth developing your personal brand because it's just as important as the brand of your company.

How do you introduce yourself to others? What's on your online profiles? Are you one of these people who say that you're, "just an accountant", "plumber" or "web developer".

It shouldn't be this vanilla. However, it can't be forced either, and must be a real representation of who you are an what you stand for. Mine is cheesy and quirky, which probably sums me up accurately!

What's your personal brand? How are you going to develop it? And what can you do that's memorable and different (for the right reasons!)?...

Kallum with a K

P.S. My parents were going to call me "Adam" or "Cameron" (Kameron!) - how different things would have been if they had!

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