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P.S. I Love You! [Marketing Blog]

Are you over-looking this powerful and easy marketing tactic?

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Today’s Kallum with a K blog: do you put a p.s. at the end of all of your emails?

If so, great job! If not, why not?

P.S.’s are a really powerful and easy marketing tactic.

It’s amazing the number of people who respond to my p.s.'s or click on them. I regularly get comments on them - and the funny thing is, I often forget it’s there because it just forms a part of my email signature!

I have a bank of them, which I use depending on who the recipient is, what the context of my email is and how well they know me and our company, Acorn Enterprise.

Some of mine include:

1. P.S. Did you see that we were featured in the Scotsman about the 10th Business Accelerator Programme recently? We're also calling for more innovation in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and less "box ticking and fluff"!

This one I use to show our credibility and for positioning - we are challenging the status quo!

I use this when I’m emailing new business owners and it’s a way of immediately delivering some value to them. And if they like the blog and find it useful, they may even tell someone else.

When I’m speaking to potential College and University customers, I use this p.s. Again, part of this is positioning and part of it is adding value.

Another aspect of this is to plant a little seed (or Acorn!) with them. Sometimes it isn't always obvious to someone or an organisation that they have a problem, until it's pointed out. People can also become aware of this through self-education, for example, by consuming content that you've produced: videos, ebooks, blogs and so on.

A lot of marketing should really be about education.

Educating people that that they have a problem or need.

Educating people that you have a solution or pain killer.

Educating people that whilst your solution is right for these sort of people; it is definitely not right for this group.

A p.s. Is clearly no silver bullet and isn’t foolproof. However, it is another marketing channel that is often overlooked by business owners. It may not close the deal on it’s own, however, it can help move you towards that discussion.

Kallum with a K

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