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New Business Advice: Get Rid of the "Chefs" That Are Ruining Your Dish! [Entrepreneurship Blog]

Sometimes your job as a business owner is to kick those who are meddling with your dish out of your "kitchen!"

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One of the best things about starting a new business is that everyone has an opinion on it.

Everyone else seems to know what you should be doing - even if you don’t!

However, it can be hard to distinguish good business advice from the bad.

And in our experience, there is a lot of...erm…"misguided” advice out there!

Friends, family, social media influencers, “business experts” and professional advisors. They can all mean well, and many of them do what to see you succeed, however, their input can be confusing and unhelpful, to put it mildly!

Equally, those closest to you will just want you to be safe and happy, so will probably tell you to “get a real job” or give you 1,001 reasons why your idea won’t ever work! (it’s OK, just smile and nod, ignore what they say and do it anyway!).

If you really wanted to, you could probably take advice from hundreds of different people in the startup community or in the “entrepreneurial ecosystem”! The here trick is to be selective on what advice you act on, and that which you ignore.

“Too many chefs spoil the broth” and sometimes your job as a business owner is to kick those who are meddling with your master dish out of your kitchen!

Or as Gordon Ramsay would scream: “Take you jacket off, and f**k off!”. (I’m very conscious that most of my Brain Farts involve food, go figure!...)

If you listened to everyone, you’d never get anything done! And whilst it can be great to have so many people to bounce ideas off and seek counsel from, it can be overwhelming and frustrating too!

You can use this support to build your business skills, sharpen your instincts and develop your confidence. However, you can’t lean on it forever - you can't hesitate and take counsel on every decision! Ultimately, it is your business so you've gotta make some decisions yourself.

Yes, seek advice and speak to more than one professional - which I covered in this Brain Fart, “Speak to Different Dentists…” previously. However, it is up to you to drive the business forward. It is up to you to paint the vision for the future and make it happen!

On the other hand, you will need help on the way and I detest the rhetoric that every “successful” business had one founder, and that they alone, were they key to its success.

If you look closely, many successful firms had more than one founder. And even if they didn’t, they had a team internally or support from external suppliers or advisors.

The secret is to choose which other chefs you want in your kitchen and get rid of the ones that are spoiling your creation! (“It’s burnt, you donkey!” - Ramsay yells again!).

Which advisors, be it friends, family and professional, are really adding value to your business?

Which ones are distracting you and spoiling your meal?

How are you going to find more of the first group (without having too many!) and get rid of the second lot?

Kallum with a K

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