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It's Friday Again! Have You Made Progress This Week? [Entrepreneurship Blog]

Constantly monitoring, reviewing and adjusting your progress

is vital to achieving your goals.

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It's Friday Again Have You Made Progress This Week - Time Management - Goal Setting - Priorites - Productivity - New Business - Startup - Kallum with a K Brain Fart Blog - Entrepreneur

Today’s Kallum with a K Blog: it's Friday again!

Have you moved towards your goals this week? Have you added value for your customers? Did you achieve everything you wanted to?

Or did you procrastinate? Waste time? Stand still? It’s funny how quickly Friday seems to come around.

Unlike many people, I can genuinely say that I love a Monday morning! I love the important work we're doing at Acorn Enterprise and I’m grateful for the business owners we get to work with.

Equally, I love working on a Friday, and sometimes, when necessary, the weekend - although I always try to avoid this!

On Friday, I always review the week. I ask myself the sort of questions that I started this blog with. Constantly monitoring, reviewing and adjusting your progress is vital to achieving your goals.

I love this example from the book Living Your Best Year Ever, by Darren Hardy: “a plane going from Los Angeles to New York would end up 150 miles from its intended destination by being pointed only one degree off course at the beginning of the flight!”.

When was the last time you invested time to ensure you are still on course?

This is especially true for business owners. We have 1,004 things to do (often at once!), and sometimes things can slip through the net or we can get easily distracted.

A Friday is also a good day for getting those ugly tasks off of your to-do list before the weekend. You know the ones, the tasks you’ve been avoiding or procrastinating on all week.

Whilst I love most things about being the co-founder of a company, I don’t love everything! However, I’m working hard on changing my mindset here.

There are some tasks that I need to complete myself so I must change my attitude towards them. And there are also some activities that I have started delegating to other team members or externally to people who are much better at these than me.

Do you review your weekly progress on a Friday?

If so, have you achieved this week?

Have you minimised disruptions, distractions and procrastination?

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