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"I'm Busy!" [Entrepreneurship Blog]

When was “busy” ever a feeling?!

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Today's Brain Fart:

“Hey, how are you?”....

- “I’m busy”.

When was “busy” ever a feeling?! And why is this now an acceptable response

when someone asks you this?!

We’re “too busy” to see family members. “Too busy” to speak to friends. And “too busy” to get all of our work finished!

Are we really “busy” or is something else going on here? Are we actually getting stuff done or are we procrastinating.

Or are we “so busy chopping down trees, that we don’t realise we’re in the wrong damn forest?!”

We’re addicted to urgent, to the here and now! We skip breakfast, have little sleep and eat shite food!

Sometimes, we need to unplug, slow down and just be. We need to let our mind wander, which I covered in a previous Brain Fart - read the “Wanders of Life” here.

And other times, we need to stop and review. Am I actually making progress towards my goals? Do I even have goals? Where am I going?

You wouldn’t just turn up to the airport and say, “take me somewhere!”. Yet so many of us live of lives like this.

No one is impressed that you’re “busy”. No one really cares or believes that you don’t see them or aren't getting tasks completed because “you’re too busy”.

Have you ever been so busy that you didn’t have time to breathe?...

So please, stop saying that “you’re busy”. Please have a think about your real priorities. And please invest time where it matters most - and that’s probably not doing stuff that makes you "busy!”

Unless of course, you’re being busy to avoid things, at home or at work. In which case, I hope you are able to work this out and this Brain Fart, “Take Control of YOUR Life” may help”.

Kallum with a K

P.S. A great book which talks about this in more detail in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, by Stephen R. Covey.

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