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Good Day or Bad Day - You Decide! [Entrepreneurship Blog]

Take ownership - don’t make excuses!

Be accountable - don’t blame others!

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Today’s Brain Fart: we all have good days and bad days.

Things happen in our lives that can change things just for a few moments, hours or forever…

Some of these things are truly out of our control and can affect us personally or professionally (or both!). A sick child, a new client, the joy at meetings someone new who you really click with.

When you strip everything away, many of these factors are not actually to do with the thing itself.

It’s how we choose to look at them…

Or in other words: we can’t always control what happens to us, however, we can control how we chose to react to them.

I can’t remember where I first hear this concept, however, I love it. And I try my best to embrace it every day.

It’s challenging, however, once you take 100% responsible for everything, things start to change! And for the better.

Take ownership - don’t make excuses!

Be accountable - don’t blame others!

The train wasn’t late - you were!

So what sort of day are you going to have?...

You decide!


Kallum with a K

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