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Go Forth and Agitate!

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Just because things have “always been that way”

doesn’t mean they can’t be changed!

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Today’s Brain Fart: Uber complete changed the transport industry. Netflix has disrupted entertainment. Amazon has transformed retail.

All three companies are less than 25 years old. They’re all American. They have have valuations of at least $1 billion.

And they have all truly disrupted or agitated their industry, and sometimes many industries in the process! (I actually prefer the second word to disruption because the first is so overused and bastardised!)

Just because things have “always been that way” doesn’t mean they can’t be changed.

In fact, I would argue that such industries or spaces are ripe for disruption!

Richard Branson and Virgin have made it their career to do exactly this - shake up boring, stale industries and put customers at the very heart of what they do (that’s the theory, and whether that works in practice is another discussion altogether!).

However, you don’t need to be an American Billion-dollar “Unicorn” company to make real change in your industry! I just used these examples because they’re easy to understand and they prove useful case studies which we can learn from and apply to our own industries.

Start by thinking locally first. What services do you use that you feel could be radically improved? Or better yet, “agitated”?

What industries do you think are stuck in the past...?

Which ones need shaken up...?

And what are you gonna do about it...?

Kallum with a K

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