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“I’ll Get Back to You On That"...

It's Really MY Job to Follow-up with them!

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It's always YOUR job to follow-up with them!

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Today's Brain Fart: Whenever someone says that to me, I always put it in my calendar as an action for me to get back to them!

If the person you’re speaking to promises you: a contact, feedback on a proposal or information on something it is YOUR job to follow-up with them, not there’s!

Life gets in the way. People forget what they’ve said in a meeting or on a call. And even fewer people take well-detailed notes, with agreed actions for both parties at the end of a conversation (they probably spent most of the meeting on their phone looking at Tinder or wondering what's for dinner!).

Don’t be pushy, however, if the information you require from them really is that important to you, then get over yourself and contact them again! Don’t worry about bothering them, they’ll tell you when you’re being too aggressive here.

Remember, you’ve got bills to pay! And if you following-up on an action they promised they would helps you with this, then it’s probably justifiable within reason. I perhaps wouldn’t follow-up with them every day, unless it’s an outstanding bill, then I’d call them at least every single day until they paid us.

I’ve touched on this subject before in a previous Brain Fart (“What Do You Do When Someone Ignore Your Email”, which you can read here) and I want to repeat this again. This attitude goes further than when people don’t respond to your initial email!

This mindset is essential to be successful business owner: you must take 100% responsibility for everything! 100% Accountability. When you do this, amazing things happen!

This doesn’t mean that you need to do everything as a business owner, you’ll need a team around you. However, it does mean that you’re in control in every situation, including (somewhat ironically!) how you choose to react to things that are outwith your control!

When someone promises they’ll get back to you, it’s really your responsibility to remind them!

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