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Escape Your Bubble!...Why You Should Be Meeting Business Owners That Are Ahead of You! [Entrepreneurial Blog]

If you always stay in the same bubble,

you may never reach your true potential!

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If you always speak to the same group of people, you’ll always have the same sorts of conversations and discuss the same kind of ideas.

By meeting new people, experiencing new things and travelling, you can drastically broaden your horizons.

Whilst it’s great to catch up business peers at the same stage is you, it can also be valuable to hang out with those a few steps ahead of you. This will lift your aspirations, energise you and give you some practical tips so that you can up your game.

It may even give you an entirely new way of looking at things altogether!

We all have different plans for the future, values, and concepts of what makes us “happy” and “successful”.

However, if you always stay in the same bubble, you may never reach your true potential!

And one of the biggest problems with our “bubbles” is that we are all trapped in one and often don’t even realise it!

Get out of your comfort zone. Reach out to that person you really want to speak to. And ask for forgiveness, not permission (staying within the law, of course!).

How many new people do you meet each week? Every interaction is an opportunity to meet new people. In the chippy, down the pub, on the train.

Equally, if you really want to meet someone you admire, write to them or call ‘em up. Be bold! I’ve met some of UK’s leading entrepreneurs by doing exactly this!

 “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” - Henry Ford

How are you going to meet more new people this week?

What’s stopping you from reaching out to the people you want to be like?

How are you going to escape from your bubble ?

Kallum with a K

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