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Do You Know Your "Neighbours"?

Do you know their names? What they do for a living?

And who they know?

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Today's Brain Fart: Do you know their names? What they do for a living? And who they know?

Isn’t it crazy that we are connected with hundreds of people on social media all over the world, yet we may not even know the people who live in the house right next door to us

or those who we work with every day?!

There are the obvious benefits for knowing your next-door neighbours, such as: taking the bin out for each other, accepting parcels if you’re not in, and acting as a “Neighbourhood Watch”, to detect any anti-social behaviour.

And there is a similar list of benefits for really getting to know your “neighbours” at work, and in other professional settings, too.

When the weather is really bad and it snows, my mum was always the first person in our street to go and check on all of the elderly neighbours to make sure they were ok. And she also went to the local shop to buy provisions for them. She’s always been a really caring woman and fantastic role model!

There are also less obvious or direct benefits. When people talk to each other and are genuinely interested in each other and their well being, it creates a stronger and more unified society, where everyone can benefit.

Professionally speaking, your "neighbour" could introduce you to people who can help you: find a new job, source a new supplier or gain a new client. Their grandson or granddaughter, or their friend who they’ve know for the last 20 years, could be the person you’ve been trying to speak for the last few months.

Sometimes you just don’t know who other people know. And this could help you personally or professionally. All you need to do is speak to your "neighbours" and ask those questions. However, don’t just do it for your self-interest, do it because you genuinely want to get to know them.

If we really do want a better society, one where everyone is better off, feels less isolated and is more harmonious, then we need to speak to each other, in person, as well as online…

Kallum with a K

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