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"Colour in HALF the Circles?"... [Entrepreneurship Blog]

Isn’t it funny how we can all look at the same things in life

yet interpret them totally differently?!

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I remember some Maths homework I was set in Primary School (Elementary School for my overseas fans).

I had to colour in HALF the circles (much like the 8 shown in the picture above). So what would you do?...

If you were like the other 28 pupils in my class, you would have coloured in 4 out of the 8 circles. However, I coloured in HALF of every circle.

I vividly remember being called to the front of the class by the teacher, after I disagreed with her about the mark she gave me for this homework.

We had a conversation at her desk which went something like this (bearing in mind this was more than 20 years ago, so it may not be 100% verbatim!) : “Kallum, why are you arguing with me about your homework? You got that question wrong!”.

“No, I didn't”, I replied. “I coloured in HALF the circles, like the question said to”.

“But you weren’t supposed to colour them in the way you have so you got the question wrong!”.

“Maybe the question was wrong! And what if you’re wrong?!” (I probably would’ve said now!).

Isn’t it funny how we can all look at the same things in life yet interpret them totally differently?!

Back to those damn circles again, what if the teacher and I were both right?...What if we were both wrong?...

Just because you see things differently to others doesn't mean they’re wrong and you’re right.

Be extra wary of what you say to people, especially those who are younger and potentially less experienced than you. You could have a significant effect on them, even by such seemingly “innocent” comments!

Very few things in life are clear cut. Bear this in mind next time you think someone else is wrong. Sometimes you can both be right, even though you’ve coloured in your circles differently!

Kallum with a K

P.S. Of course I wasn’t wrong, I DID colour in HALF of the circles! Luckily, I’m not one to hold grudges! Ever. (Not even for 20 years! Haha!)

(Picture Credit: "Hand drawn set of objects for design use" by Vera Serg via Shutterstock available at:

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