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7 Punchy Marketing Thoughts for

Small Businesses! [Marketing Blog]

Being “human” is better than being “professional”...

and 6 more thoughts!

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Today’s Brain Fart: I delivered a seminar on “Marketing in 2019 and Beyond” this morning at the Edinburgh Business School Incubator.

Here are some punchy thoughts on marketing for small businesses, that I shared:

  • Being “human” is better than being “professional”.
  • You’re always helping people, never selling.
  • Speak to people face-to-face to find out their problems - instead of just making wild assumptions based on how you feel or what you want to sell them.
  • Your personal brand is just as important as your business’s brand.
  • Marketing is an “umbrella” activity that covers everything you do as a business: how you answer the phone, how you dress and how you handle customer complaints.
  • It’s so important you know exactly who your customers are - and are not!
  • Part of what makes your business unique or special is you, the business owner. Embrace that! Providing a, “friendly, professional and reliable service” (oh yeah, very good!) does not make you different from your competitors - you should be doing this anyway!

I’ll cover some of these points in more detail in future Brain Farts - which one would you like me to tackle for you first? Let me know in the comments below.

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