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5 More Minutes!...

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Some things we want more of

and for others, we can’t wait for them to be finished!

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Today's Brain Fart: “Just 5 more minutes”...

When you were younger and your parents told you that it was bedtime, whilst you were watching your favourite TV show.

When you’re snuggled up with your partner in bed in the morning, but need to leave to go to work.

When you’re in a very dull meeting that's really nowhere near reaching its conclusion!

Isn’t it funny how the same words can feel utterly different depending on the context?!

We can have a completely different emotional connection to the same thing in different situations.

This is true in life and in business. Some things we want more of and never want them to end; whilst others, we can’t wait for them to be over!

Which category does your product or service fall into? How do your customers really feel when they engage with you?

Do your customers want to “use your product or service for another 5 minutes” (Woohoo! Yeah! Yeeeehaaaaaw!)?

Or would engaging with you for another “5 minutes” be unbearable (Nah! Yaaaaaawn! Uuuurgh!)?...

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